On 11/11/19 I did a brave thing and self-published my first piece on Elephant Journal .  With the passage of time each word resonates ever more true.  There is a significant amount of discussion on the beautifully powerful relationships known as twin twin flames on EJ but in most instances God is missing from the equation. I saw this as an opportunity to examine and reframe the conversation through a spiritual lens focused on growth, purpose and transformation. 

Additionally I wrote the piece to inspire people to embrace relationships that stretch us and evoke change like iron sharpening iron. The journey to becoming our authentic self is not a solo mission. While we must commit to our own inner work, God uses people and our relationships as an important part of the revelatory process. It is my hope that my piece encourages us to value and embrace these divine partnerships when they cross our paths.

Thank you to every soul who took time to read, share and comment.  Your heartfelt remarks touched me and confirmed the reason why my heart was pricked to write it.

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