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And the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13


is the love of God operating in the human heart

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You’ve likely arrived here because you know, like we do, that the world needs love now more than ever. It’s likely true that you need more love, too.

You’ve come to the right place!  Love is our intention and our practice.

Wherever you are on your journey, I know these things to be true:  You are beloved.  You are perfectly imperfect.  Love can feel challenging. You may have been hurt and made your share of mistakes, but there is grace and space for all of that and all of you here.

So if you are willing to open your heart, become grounded in love and ready to be transformed from the inside out, this community was built with you in mind.

Come on in and have a look around.

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Love is who we are. To learn more about Love 101 keep scrolling.


Dedicated to the Theology & Practice of Love

Love 101 Ministries is a community where faith is our foundation, love is our practice, spiritual growth is our aim and a life full of love is our desire.  

Loving God, ourselves, our neighbors and our enemies aren’t just theories, we endeavor to put these words into practice.  We’re not talking about warm and fuzzy emotions, but a powerful posture for living. It’s not easy. All relationships– intimate, familial, friendship, and professional — can be challenging.  

In cultivating a love practice we are developing the inner strength to navigate all of our relationships more lovingly with wisdom, compassion, and grace. As we practice, we make love our habit. 

Why?  So we embody peace and joy as we become vessels giving and receiving the abundant love that surrounds us.  

Meet Jasmine Bellamy, our founder, your guide and trusted Love Coach for the journey.

Meet Your Love Coach

Love Practitioner. Culture Transfomer. Minister. Writer. Speaker. Mom.

“Ma vocation est l’amour” (“My vocation is love.”) -St. Thérèse de Lisieux

Love is my calling and spiritual gift.  As Founder of Love 101 Ministries, I help people develop more loving relationships with themselves, God and others by helping them cultivate a love practice.  Think of me as your Love Coach walking alongside you on the journey to a life filled with deep and abiding love, peace and joy.  

This is your invitation to a most beautiful journey.  Ready to lean in?  Grab your journal.  Let’s begin with our 7 day journey.  

May we journey closer to the heart of God, together.



Speaking Engagements

Jasmine is available to speak on a variety of topics to support your organization including:

  • A Different Kind of Mandate: The Call to Love
  • The Study of Love: An Invitation to Wake Up!
  • Pain, Presence and Purpose in the Valley
  • Identifying and Overcoming the Opposition to Love
  • What My Yoga Practice Taught Me About Love
  • The Theology of Love
  • What Kind of Love is That? An Exposition of John 4
  • Cultivating Courageous Conversations (DEIJ)
  • Creating a Culture of Love (Organizations, Change Management)

Programs & Services


Jasmine hosts Love 101’s signature program, The Call to Love Experience: Examining the Theology & Cultivating the Practice of Love, workshops and retreats to help your community make love a habit. Join us LIVE on Facebook or YouTube for Episode 2 on October 13, 2022 at 7pm ET

The 7 Day Love Journey: An Introduction

Beginning the journey to a life full of love.  A sneak peek into Love 101 Ministries.  #loveisapractice

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The Call to Love: 21 Days to Cultivating Your Love Practice

Subscribers only, launches soon. It takes 21 days to develop a habit. #loveisahabit

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40 Day Love Practice Journey

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“Thank you for being faithful to your calling. You minister with so much peace it really gives God room to move in the hearts of people.”

Pastor Michelle Mancha

“What a refreshing rain; filled with real talk about love. Beautifully designed and food for the spirit, as well as the soul.”

Malissa Redmond

“Incredible… thank you for allowing me in your intimate space, your inner most thoughts, your throbbing heart that has harmoniously invited tranquility to dwell. Each post takes on a life of its own because the receiver is able to self reflect and move with a sense of purpose.  Simply powerful. ❤️”

Sonya Fiol-Grant

“I love that the message always seems to be what I need to read each morning. Gives me a little boost each day and instills a sense of gratitude. I love it!”

Brooke Dean

“I wanted to let you know how inspiring Love 101 Ministries is. In a time with so much negativity it is refreshing to see truth, beauty, and goodness. Furthermore, God is clearly at the beginning, end, and middle of all you post. You are gifted.”

Kimberlee Comrie

“Your posts are challenging people, even if they remain anonymous, to be more introspective—more aware, more intentional, and more connected to themselves, to God, and to others. You’re sowing the seeds—good seeds—and that’s what matters most.”

Katrina Patterson

“It is a process because I’m having my mind renewed by allowing new (and truthful) thoughts and experiences to enter my mind….Such new, healthy thinking leads to a transformative life… Thus, when applied can become healing to every area of my life: physically as well as spiritually.. It is a journey worth taking….”


Love 101: The Blog



A Collection Of Tools & Resources To Guide You


A curation of special items we love that have been a blessing along the journey.  


A 7 Day Love Journey: 

An Introduction

This 7 day journey is an introduction, a sampling, of what Love 101 Ministries is all about.  Over the course of the week we offer you a sneak peek into our philosophy and what we call the love practice.

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